Junk Jet & Occulto

Samstag, 22. Januar 2011, Berlin, General Public, 20.00 Uhr
Junk Jet #4 and Occulto – Magazine releases
Junk Jet special: graphic art & dj junk and vj jet
Occulto special: graphic material with anticipations of the new issue's contents, presentation of related print products, music & visual projections

Junk Jet n°4 was combing through studios, laboratories, and garages to find those works and theories that make 1 become 2, 2 become 3, 3 …, works that make something out of nothing or nothing out of something, that discover new – even if microscaled – galaxies, that believe in alchemy and maintain a certain kind of apocalyptic thought; works that move from mumbo-jumbo to real magic and back.
Junk Jet daydreamt of alga plantations, crystal architectures, optical jamboree, synthetic foam buildings, multimagic rainbow colorings, of all that has the potential to question contemporary design and architecture and its statistical rationality. Junk Jet nightdreamt of something that has the potential to fluidize what has become monumental, of something that speculates on speculation. Something that is able to create an alternative universe, in which thrilling transformation, mystic metamorphosis, and insane invention build up a modern wunderkammer, a visionary show window and a living laboratory. It asked for contributions from those who turn the everyday into the unique and the ordinary into the xxxxxxtra-ordaniary. 
Edited by Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest.
With mystical contributions by Alan Smart, Alex McLeod, Alexander Trevi, Alice Deusser, Amy Franceschini, ar hitecture, Asli Serbest, Austin Houldsworth, Christine Jetter and Nicolas Ebner, Christine Nasz and Stefanie Hunold, Christoph Steinbrener/Rainer Dempf, Corinna Koch, Daniel Krawczyk, Emmeline de Mooij, Enrique Ramirez, Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand, The Functionality, Ghostlab, Herwig Weiser, Cornelia Lund, Holger Lund, Ioanna Angelidou, Jan Kempenaers, Jason Hopkins, Jenny Michel and Michael Hoepfel, Jimmy Stamp, Julia Pfeiffer, Kazys Varnelis, Network Architecture Lab, Marshall Rake, Mauser: Micro-architecture-unit-star-energy-ray, Michael Schoner, Mona Mahall, Nelly Ben Hayoun, N.I.E.I. Hektor, Olia Lialina, Raphaël Bastide, Sam Jacob, Simon Boudvin, The Office of PlayLab, Inc., Thorsten Fleisch, visiondivision, Wilhelm Jan Neutelings, Yoshi Sodeoka.
dj junk & vj jet performing live
Occulto Magazine - issue #zero
Adherents of Discordianism believe in the power of chaos. They deny that the kosmos has order or, even less so, harmony. They will claim: "We believe this! And its contrary as well!". They define their cult as a religion, disguised as a joke, disguised as a religion.
The great recession that has dominated this past year is in some ways an offspring, a failure of the deterministic principle. How could a system that claims to be based on scientific foundations implode in such a way? How much, and in what way, is scientific knowledge actually deployed in the management of the planet?
As Massimo Sandal explains, the movement of objects in space is a deterministic system on paper but swerves and generates chaotic models that no brain, human or electronic, is able to predict. Occulto is a magazine about variables gone awry and stories that take an unexpected turn. The algebraic revolution of the 20th century starts with the brief and tragic life of a young French Republican in the post-Napoleonic era. An English non-fiction writer is trying to persuade us that the entire world is in the hands of an �lite of alien reptiles; what would happen if we believed him? An American scholar at the beginning of the 20th century left us an endless and indecipherable archive of his obsession with unexplainable facts. A small sliver of the disillusionment and fears of post-war Germany takes refuge in the mountains of Piemonte, in northern Italy, and spawns a daunting religious community.
If it is true that where the light is brightest is where the Fecal secretly rules, then we must look elsewhere. The best weapon against sane opinions and triumphant competence is still to trip it up, as Adorno suggested over 50 years ago.
This is why Occulto is nothing but a magazine, disguised as a joke, disguised as a magazine.

fluctuating images at General Public
with thanks to Shintaro Miyazaki
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