Anatolian Nikolaus

Samstag, 06. Dezember 2014, 15.00-18.00 Uhr, 33rpm, Berlin
Anatolian Nikolaus – Turkish Funk and Psychedelic Music
DJ Jaywalk (Corvo Records/Global Pop First Wave) & Akin Kazuk (Çerikunda DJ Crew)

Just vinyl, just the treasures, just the real thing – DJ Jaywalk of the „Saz Beat“ LP and the „Bosporus Brigdes Vol.2“ LP and Akin Kazuk from Istanbul play the far out music you always expected to existe somewhere out there – in the Pudding Shops and Gazinos of Turkey, made with the secret dope nobody knows the name...

Eine Veranstaltungskooperation von 33rpm Store & Mukkefukk-Café und fluctuating images.

33rpm Store & Mukkefukk-Café
Wrangelstr. 95
10997 Berlin
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