The Trip, Esox Lucius, Se Dio Vuole

Samstag, 11. Juli 2015, 18.30 Uhr, Echo Bücher, Berlin
Vinyl record releases: The Trip. Psychedelic Music from the Hippie Trail. Pt. 1/4 - From Italy to Turkey & Esox Lucius, DJing mit DJ Jaywalk (Global Pop First Wave) und Wendelin Büchler (Corvo Records) sowie Buchvorstellung von SE DIO VUOLE/God Willing mit Alessandra Eramo und Tobias Fischer

Expect unexpected music from the 1960s and 1970s, mixing Western and Eastern elements, remapping your knowledge of pop music along the way. Hear Italian shouters, East-European freak beat, Anatolian rock, Kurdish spiritual pop, Uzbek folk pop, Pakistani soundtracks, Nepalese folk beats, Mongolian pop, Indian Bollywood scores, Malaysian rock'n'roll, Philippine surf pop, Singaporean dream pop and many sounds more for all lovers of the danceable, the mind-expansive, and the sure-fire hits. Come on and take the trip...

Pt. 1/4 - From Italy to Turkey takes you from Italy via Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, and Lebanon to Turkey. Compiled by the curator of “Bosporus Bridges Vol. 2,”  “Saz Beat”, now comes “Mount Olivet Inspirational Choir” on Corvo Records’ sublabel Global Pop First Wave.

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Isabelle Duthoit (FR) clarinet, voice, Franz Hautzinger (AT) quartertone trumpet, Matija Schellander (AT) modular synthesizer, Petr Vrba (CZ) trumpet, vibrating speakers

The Tracks of the album ESOX LUCIUS were recorded on high end analogue technique at the Czech Radio Broadcasting Studio in Prague. Four exceptional instrumentalists are creating bubbling and zizzling chamber music, they are blurring the edges of their instruments, but contemporarily dialoguing with a precise and unique vocabulary. The record is based on minimal drones, refined with analogue trumpet glitches and extended vocal techniques. Brass is bubbling, feedbacks are shrieking, it sounds as if a red glowing wire is cutting into a block of ice. Under predatory hissings evaporates a tinny morse alphabet. What remains are sublime minmal highlights, set with pinpoint accuracy.

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SE DIO VUOLE/God Willing
Alessandra Eramo, in conversation with Tobias Fischer

80 pages
Edited by Alessandra Eramo and Corvo Records 2015
Design by Federica Italiano

Thick ropes entangled with remnants of the sea, the drone of industrial machinery interspersed with the cries of seagulls, and vocal recordings in the Tarentinian dialect transport the viewer to the birthplace of Italian vocalist and sound artist, Alessandra Eramo. Her work “Se Dio Vuole/God Willing” is an ode to the beauty and destruction of Taranto. In conversation with German music journalist, Tobias Fischer, Eramo talks about growing up in a society shaped by Catholicism and superstition, by industrial pollution and the ancient tradition of mussel farming.

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