Porto II

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016, 10:30 und 15.30 Uhr, ISMAI – Instituto Superior da Maia, Av. Carlos Oliveira Campos – Castelo da Maia 4475-690 Avioso S. Pedro, Portugal
What’s left? The critique of digital life in hyper-digital music video
Vortrag von Holger Lund (DHBW Ravensburg / fluctuating images, Berlin) 15:30 Uhr
Editing as process: The Audiovisual Breakthrough mit Cornelia Lund (Universität Hamburg / fluctuating images, Berlin), Ana Carvalho (ISMAI, Porto) und Eva-Maria Offermann (Kunsthochschule Kassel) 10:30 Uhr

What’s left? The critique of digital life in hyper-digital music video

How to deal with digitalization? Several aesthetic developments have emerged over the past few years in the laboratory called music video. These developments could be filed under the term “post-digital.” On the one hand, the videos show tendencies to avoid the look of the digital by going analog and retro, or, on the other hand, just the opposite, by stressing the fact of digital artificiality, exposing and over-affirming it by being hyper-digital.

In the past two years, hyper-digital music videos have not only shown and praised the potential and power of the digital – which has been done before in music videos as well –, but they have shown how the digital infects our lives, our conditions of living, our identity (or whatever is the rest of it), making the digital and its effects on our lives the main subject itself.

Alongside some examples the lecture will present these recent developments, made with digital tools in a masterful and ultra-skilled way to question just what comes out: digitalism. So the critic of digitalism comes in an over-affirmative way, the hyper-digital, and that is what is new about this development, connecting it to philosophical tendencies like accelerationism.

Editing as process: The Audiovisual Breakthrough

Most literature related to the live audiovisual production, rather than being monographs, present collections of texts by different authors. In the landscape of practices rooted in collaboration, the development of The Audiovisual Breakthrough has given equal importance to content and its appearance through design decisions and as much as it is constituted by the text of the writers also includes the voice of many members of the wide, fluid, community.

The Audiovisual Breakthrough, a book that brings together six international researchers to solve the problem of confusion within the live practices’ definitions within today’s artistic audiovisual production through, is an editorial process with particular features. The presentation will bring together editors and designer in the presentation of the process, concept and how these are expressed in the final result, the book.

The Audiovisual Breakthrough
Ana Carvalho, Cornelia Lund (eds.)
Contributions by Ana Carvalho, Eva Fischer, Cornelia Lund, Gabriel Menotti and Adeena Mey
Berlin, 2015
ISBN 978-3-00-051072-4
PDF download: http://www.ephemeral-expanded.net/audiovisualbreakthrough