13.-16. März 2018, Universidade de São Paulo, Escola de Comunicações e Artes (ECA/USP)
ENCONTRO TRANSDISCIPLINAR – artes visuais, audiovisual e design
mit Cornelia und Holger Lund

The partnership Medientheater at HU and the Cinema and Arts Spaces at USP: A Transdisciplinar Approach to Scenic Knowledge, signed between ECA-USP and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, allows an opportunity for students, researchers and teachers of both institutions to learn further about each other production in the fields of visual arts, audiovisual and design. With this goal, between March 13 and 16, institutional visits, meetings, debates and lectures will occur, around issues around the trandisciplinary research themes that appear on the intersections of at least two of the three involved areas. Entre os objetivos do encontro está a discussão de possibilidades para ampliar as trocas entre Brasil e Alemanha, a partir dos recortes de pesquisa e extensão dos professores das duas Universidades, e fortalecer uma rede de interlocutores voltada para as novas linguagens nas artes visuais, no audiovisual e no design.

In conceptual terms, the proposal will be conducted around discussions no how students and researchers can explore experimental approaches to media cultures and a contemporary society marked by the prevalence of real time processes. From that perspective, live poetics will be the privileged object of debate and experimentalism, approaching both the necessity to improve a culture of criticism and archival, and the necessity of circulating existing repertoires.

These approaches can be understood on the scope of practice based researches, a concept that has been receiving growing attention in last years, for example in the current efforts to provide a conceptual framework to the research in arts in Universities, as suggested by the Florence Principles on the Doctorate in the Arts, published by the European League of the Institute of the Arts, in 2016. On this context, one of the central questions to be debated concerns the differences between different forms of knowledge production (theory and practice), and how the can be materialised as language products that are not necessarily verbal.

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