Music video

Saturday, December 01, 2012, 8 pm, General Public, Berlin
Music still goes video! On current developments in music video
Presentation by Cornelia Lund (Hamburg University) and Holger Lund (DHBW Ravensburg), with video examples

The loss of MTV and its formatted structures as a central display was maybe after all blessing for the music video. It is as vivid as ever and shows great flexibility in developing new forms and experimenting with new aesthetics and topics. The presentation will explore some of these developments – and, of course, many video examples will be shown.
Lately, the music video shows a tendency to extend its form into a sort of narrative short film where two or three tracks are put together in one video and framed by a narrative plot. Another development is that the music video is experimenting with post-digital aesthetics. Digital aesthetics are being perceived more and more as artificial, so digital tools are now used to emulate a seemingly authentic analogicity – or analogue aesthetics come directly into play, the videos often having recourse to the history of analog music visualisation. One of the core topics of the music video, dance, has been taken up in a quite new way these last years: ballet or contemporary dance performances are no longer strangers to the music video. The music video has also formed alliances with other genres. It has found a partner in the fashion video, for example, which seems quite logical from a historical point of view, as fashion and music have always been good partners under the sign of pop.

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